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Clear concise practical advice:

  • Expert commercial counsel – to ensure your business achieves its full potential
  • Successful strategic advice for dispute resolution - and direct access to fee funders
  • Advantageous professional negotiation – particularly in today’s changed financial climate
  • Organisational assistance – instantly enhanced productivity – and revenues
  • Specialist tax advisory service providing tailored assistance vetted by expert tax lawyers.

Delivered by a small network of high-calibre specialists:

  • Top-level experience – we have worked together for many years
  • The optimum skill sets – we hand-pick the best qualified people for your specific needs
  • Transparent approach - we are relationship-driven as opposed to fee-driven.
  • Realistic – we pride ourselves on our honesty with clients, rather than over-promising

What we DON’T do:

  • Cost extravagance – we never pile expensive personnel into a task that does not need them
  • Just say ‘Yes’ – we don’t accept assignments if we feel we lack the relevant expertise or are unable to add value.

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All businesses start small but some grow quicker than others. Often the business runs away from the founder's grip, sometimes it is squeezed too tightly by it.

I know from experience that I can help you gain a fresh, objective perspective

Harvey Ingram
Consulting For Lawyers


Tel: +44 (0) 7771 654 738