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Global connections

We have a network of contacts throughout the first world which has enabled us to take a pivotal role in negotiating and completing projects in South America, Europe and the USA.

Profitable recommendations

We were recommended (by accountants) to a highly successful services company that had been in business for almost 30 years. Although very profitable, it was being micro-managed by its energetic and resourceful owner – who was clearly under stress. We spent two days reviewing the business, interviewing its key staff and analysing its strengths and weaknesses. We produced a succinct report making a dozen recommendations that were quick, easy and inexpensive to implement. Most were adopted.

Protecting assets

We helped to save a £2.5m commercial property portfolio which was threatened by the intransigence of the lending bankers. Our role was to identify the best way to mend and maintain the relationship, and to provide suggestions for an orderly – and economically sound – realisation of certain assets and the retention of others.

Saving an individual from financial and professional ruin

A well-known investment bank was named as a defendant in a claim by a dis-satisfied investor who made serious allegations against the bank and the director who had handled the project.

The bank joined the director in proceedings and by the time he retained us, the director had spent over £100,000 in legal fees without making any headway.

We strategised the director’s dealings with the bank and worked with it to resolve a claim which by then had reached nearly £6 million.

Our client accepted a degree of culpability for lack of expertise but refuted all accusations that he had acted dishonestly or improperly – to have been found otherwise would have ruined him financially and professionally.

After a year of negotiations which ran in parallel with the proceedings, we agreed a settlement of £25,000.

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